If you want to do EVERYTHING, go with the GOLD pass which includes all workshop and social events. Then just swan in and out of the festival as you wish.

If you'd like to do workshops ONLY, you can purchase one of the WORKSHOP passes (Silver, Saturday Day or Sunday Day) described below.
If you'd like to help us out and save some money, be a dear and volunteer. Get a discount and some good swing karma and join the Event Crew.

If you'd like to attend the social events ONLY, you can purchase a SOCIAL pass or simply pay at the door for each event.

If you decide to attend the social events on the weekend casually i.e. picking and choosing and just turning up, you do not need to register or purchase any pass. Simply come along and pay at the door on the night (except Saturday evening - pre bookings only, individual tickets available through


Gold Pass - $395
Silver Pass (workshops) - $285
Saturday workshops only - $185
Sunday Workshops only - $185
Social Pass - $210

Refund Policy for MSF

* Full refund less $25 processing fee before Friday 26th May 2017
* 50% refund if cancelling between May 26-June 4th 2017.
* No refunds after June 4th 2017.
* No transfers.


MSF Registration closes strictly Friday 2nd June 5pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Any registration requests receive after this time may be considered, but if accepted will incur a late fee of $50.

Let's all work together to make the event a fun and positive experience for everyone.

The Melbourne Swing Festival operates under Swing Patrol's official Code of Conduct. We urge you to familiarise yourself with it before you register. If at any time during the event you feel unsafe or witness inappropriate behaviour, there will be a dedicated staff member at each venue to go to for help.